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Minnesota  07/26/11 9:54:16 AM

Jon Day

Jon is Managing Partner of Market Wise Ag Services.  Jon was raised on a small farm in central Iowa and has had a passion for farming and agriculture since childhood.  Jon is a graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor's degree in Agriculture Business. Jon's career path has included companies such as PHI Marketing Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. Inc., Garst Seed, the GROWMARK Cooperative System and Cargill.  Jon has over twelve years of experience in agriculture marketing and he serves serves clients primarily in Iowa and Minnesota.


Brad Dehn

Brad Dehn approaches marketing from a producer's perspective, having experience in using futures and options as part of a risk management program.  He prepared for his career by earning a degree in Agricultural Business from the University of Minnesota in 1983.  His position of five years as a Financial Services Officer for Farm Credit System served him well to offer credit and financial analysis for his producer clients.  Since childhood Brad has been involved in farming and is currently co-owner of the family's 1,500-acre grain and livestock operation.

Brad's ready with the skills to improve your bottom line.

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