Leading a New Direction in Marketing

You are the CEO of your farm, we are applying to become part of your management team and serve as your Manager of Marketing and Risk Management.  Please invite us to your farm for an interview, we'd like the job!

We would take the following steps:

  1. Assess your farm’s marketing profile: strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats.
  2. Based on that assessment, we'd lay out a plan to implement our Four Keys to Marketing Success to take your farm's marketing program to the next level as follows: 
    1. Business Key – Setting Business Driven Targets that fit your farm's needs.
    2. Tools Key – Helping you understand and use all the tools at your disposal so you are in the right marketing position based on your risk tolerance and your crop insurance program. 
    3. Time Key – Making sure you understand the seasonal grain market risks and rewards.
    4. Action Key – Helping you make the best decisions for your operation. 
  3. Our job responsibilities:
    1. Strategy: We present marketing strategies tailored to your needs for cash grain sales, forward grain sales, basis strategies, futures, options, and combinations of those tools as needed to fit your personal needs.
    2. Explanation: We will answer your questions to make sure you understand the tools and strategies available to you. 
    3. Execution: Our sister company, Midwest Hedging LLC can provide you with execution services for futures and options. If you would like to open a brokerage account, please contact us and we can assist you. Midwest Hedging LLC is a NFA registered Introducing Broker, clearing through StoneX Financial Inc.  
      1. https://www.stonex.com
    4. Monitoring: We work with you to track your farms sales, revenue, percent sold, profit position, etc.  Take a look at our sample reports for more information.
    5. Research: We provide you with market research to keep you up to date on what is happening in the market:
      1. Daily emails
      2. Voicemail alerts
      3. Text alerts
    6. Weather Risk Management: We are licensed crop insurance agents so we can marry your marketing plan and your insurance program. 
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