Market Wise ® started with one location in 1992 and has grown to 6 locations now.  We have 1 office in Illiniois, 4 in Minnesota, and 1 in Iowa.   


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About Us
Roadmap to Success
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Roadmap to Success  08/22/12 9:43:39 AM

A Roadmap to Successful Marketing 


Market Wise ® uses a logical marketing system and a systematic business approach for mapping your direction to successfully complete the journey. 


Four Signs of Success 

Know Your Current Situation


  • Cost of Production 
  • Anticipated Bushels 
  • Storage Considerations 
  • Cash Flow 
  • Knowledge and Skills 


Determine Your Destination 


  • Increase Profitability 
  • Reduce Debt 
  • Grow and Expand 
  • Pay for Children's College Educations 
  • Buy a Cabin or Winter Home 
  • Gain a Greater Market Understanding 
  • Increase Retirement Savings 

Evaluate How to Reach Your Target 

  • Evaluate the Alternatives and Marketing Tools 
  • Cash Forward Contracts or Cash Sales at Your Local Elevator 
  • Make Crop Insurance Enhance Your Marketing 
  • Futures and Options 
  • Balance Profitability and Risk Management 


Implement and Monitor the Plan 


Your Market Wise ® advisor will personally help you navigate the obstacles as you work to reach your destination.

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